Front row seats to Bluestem.

The request from this customer was “We want to entertain people for concerts without having to actually go to them.” With the Bluestem Amphitheater located in the backyard we politely said coming right up!

“Create us a new deck that carries the same design as the old. O-but wait, we want a pergola too!”

This was a unique build, the customer loved their old deck so much they wanted us to demolish it but recreate it with a whole load of flair and fun seating! There is no challenge we will turn down. Now they have a new safe environment to watch their daughter grow up in their backyard!

The Cateo.

By far the coolest things we’ve build for an animal! This long time customer of ours called and said “You know, our cat really likes to be outside but we are afraid she would run away from the yard. Do you have any idea’s?” Why yes we do! We turned this existing structure into a screened in Cateo, formally known as the Patio.

A deck fit for a band.

This deck Jams, like really Jams out! This customer called looking for a deck that can fit a band. If there is a band involved we’re in!

Rocking chairs to the west.

We don’t typically do before and after pictures. But, this one definitely deserved for the transformation to be noticed! This porch was built to keep the original look and feel of this farm house that’s continued to stay in the family. Now there are some things that went more modern, but the feel stayed the same.

Three decks, one house.

It’s definitely not common to get a call to build three decks on one home. It’s one of those, I may have misunderstood moments. But no, it wasn’t. When they said they wanted three decks, they meant they wanted all three decks!

As decking prices increase.

Since the price of materials has continued to increase since Covid we have continues to adapt and find cost effective solutions to your needs. These customers needed the space for large gatherings, but needed it to fit in the budget as well. With Deckmen Designs we are on your side to assist in getting you what you want, no matter what the cost it.

Cedar, oh the smell of fresh cut cedar!

When you need a view of your children in the pool, an easy way to get in and out and a place to read a book by the water you simply give us a call. This may be a small deck, but its big on memories I bet!