Our Process

What is it like working with us? 

Working with us is certainly different from the standards in construction. There are no hidden costs, no tricks of getting you in and upselling you, just a trusting process that has paved the way for our success. We are extremely transparent with the costs, what those costs are and how you are to pay for each service that we use.

  1. The call that starts it all- It all starts off with a phone call to us. We set up a time that works for each of us to come to your location and get a feel for the project, your expectations, wants and needs.
  2. Design and takeoffs- After our on site meeting we now have a solid plan on where we are headed with the project. Our team is now in the process of designing the project and doing the material takeoffs so that our supplier can give you an accurate cost to the materials you chose.
  3. Material Selection- At this point we send you over to our supplier where you can make your selections. We want you to be in the driver’s seat of your project. It is super important to us that you end up with a space you absolutely love that functions exactly the way you want it to.
  4. Finalizing the estimate– With the selections made and the materials are of what fits your wants, needs and budget we get to work on what it will take to put the whole project together. This includes permitting, labor, equipment and any subcontractors that we may have to use. 
  5. Scheduling- After looking into lead times on materials and our current project queue we set your date to break ground. It’s important to remember that a date set isn’t always the date we can actually start. Unfortunately our job is reliant on fair weather and the weather isn’t always fair to us! Just know that we will always keep you updated with any changes in our schedule.
  6. Build!- The exciting part! With smiles all around and some faint upbeat music in the background we are finally turning your dream space into a reality! Even writing this I get butterflies of enjoyment!

Completion- The even more exciting part! Now this step in the process is by far the most exciting. It’s the time we’ve all been waiting for! It’s the moment we feel rewarded for a job well done. It’s the moment you look around envisioning the furniture, what you place where, pots of plants you may want, grilling in your favorite slippers, enjoying meals with loved ones etcetera . All while we stand next to you. It’s that look in your eye and watching the thoughts go that is the cherry on the top for us! With the investment into your space complete, it is now your blank canvas for fun! With a handshake and a smile we say “Enjoy”! And being outdoor space people we know that you will do just that! And that is what keeps us motivated.