Our Craftmanship Is Our Guarantee

“Our craftsmanship is our guarantee, the confidence in our ability is our promise and our dedication to quality is our signature.”

Our foundations- There is one thing to be certain with us, we will not be in your backyard drilling holes, setting posts in those holes and filling them with concrete. They will not stand the test of time and that has been proven itself over and over again. I can also tell you our times of installing post brackets on top of concrete piers are long gone as well. This was the next best thing years ago when in the ground posts would rot where the concrete ended. But they too continue to loosen and fail due to our harsh climate. With our deep regard to quality and long term relationships we have looked heavily into alternate products/methods and how those can benefit our customers. With traditional building methods quickly becoming outdated we are not ones to “stick with what we know” and just keep moving forward. Products are ever changing, technology is rapidly progressing and so should the methods of your contractor. For this reason we have shifted all focus away from concrete and made the decision to install helical piers on all of our builds. Quality and lasting relationships are the most important part to a successful business.


Techno Metal Posts Warranty-

Techno metal posts has an expected lifespan of around 90 years. TPI guarantees that each Techno Pieux/Techno Metal Post has been manufactured by TPI and that it is made of ASTM A500, grade C steel in accordance with ASTM A standards, and that the pile blade steel complies with ASTM A36.

Each Techno Metal Post is thus covered by a twenty-five (25) limited warranty, from the date of installation, against (i) any manufacturing defect, (ii) any defect affecting the material which composes it or (iii) any helix assembly defect, and which defect mentioned in (i), (ii) or (iii) makes it structurally unsuitable for the purpose for which it was intended.

TPI, within (60) days of notice of claim and upon receipt of the original purchase invoice for the Techno Pieux/Techno Metal Post brand piles showing the date of purchase and the date of installation, will make arrangements to replace the damaged piles with new Techno Pieux/Techno Metal Post brand piles.

TPI reserves the right to send one of its representatives to the Owners to inspect the Techno Pieux/Techno Metal Post that are the subject of the claim, before they are removed from the ground.

Decking Products- Warranties vary by manufacturer, but all quality composite decking will have a minimum of 25 years for residential use. We aren’t sold on one brand, we aren’t pushing a certain brand for rebates or points. There are to many quality manufactures with different properties and awesome color schemes than to limit our customers to one. You choose whatever brand and line that catches your eye from our supplier and we will give you specific warranty information on your selections.

Commercial use with increased traffic and abuse generally only has a 10-year warranty. Not that it can’t last longer, but they are aware of the increased wear that will happen compared to your backyard.

Terms may also vary, but companies typically provide a limiter warranty ensuring that the deck will be free from material defects in the boards and the workmanship under normal use conditions. Note that everyday use usually requires following whatever maintenance guidelines they provide.

Warranties for composite decks generally cover splitting, rotting, splintering, and structural damage, including any that termites or fungi might cause. Many residential warranties can usually transfer to a new homeowner within a few years of installation, but not past that.

Beyond structural most quality brands will include fading and staining.

Fading of the color will be less than 5 Delta-E, barely noticeable with the naked eye. Ensuring that the color you loved in the store will be the color you enjoy for the life of your deck.

Staining is limited to most food spills on your deck. The usual suspects mustard, barbeque sauce and red wine. The one exception is suntan lotion. Almost every warranty will exclude damage from suntan lotion. So enjoy the sun on your deck but apply the lotion somewhere else. Also, food spills will need to be cleaned up within 48 hours or 1 week, depending on the brand.

Warranties for composite decks don’t cover Acts of God, either. Acts of God generally refer to any natural event without human intervention, especially those people could not reasonably foresee or prepare for. Natural disasters like sudden floods and storms fall into this category.

Our Craftsmanship- With the confidence in our foundation process, the current available materials, and our own abilities we give all customers a 10 year structural warranty. This is a “peace of mind” guarantee that in the event of ground settling, frost heaving, wind shifting or wind uplift we are here for you. We do have some exclusions we must include also. We do not cover Acts of God. These are but are not limited to wild fires, house fires, floods, tornados, neglect, abuse, accidents that compromise integrity or other Acts of God. Also, keep in mind when in the design process to inform us of any abnormally heavy object you may want to place on your structure. If we plan for patio furniture, grills and a swing and you decide to install a pool or hot tub on the structure without having it reinforced that will void the structural warranty. But like I said, we take extreme pride in our work, and in our 10 years of building decks we are yet to have an issue.